25.06.2006 General News

Agoro, It Takes-2 To Brighten Indece Celebrations

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AGORO and 'It Takes 2' will be the main attraction as celebrants troop to Tafo in the Eastern Reion, to have fun on July 1.

The Republic Day activity seeks to combine the positive aspects of health, sports and tourism into a major national sports and tourism event to promote a healthy lifestyle among Ghanaians and popularize made (grown)-in-Ghana products, particularly cocoa and local rice.

Thousands of health enthusiasts, social clubs and sports clubs in workplaces on the cocoa trail in the Eastern Region will start the gig from Kyebi, continuing through the Bunso Aboretum and ending at the Cocoa Research Institute at New Tafo-Akim.

From all over the country (especially the southern sector), sports and health enthusiasts as well as social clubs would arrive at Kyebi in buses (and private cars) and make a first stop at the palace of the Okyenhene, arguably the chief patron of keep fit clubs and environmentalists.

After the Okyenhene's address, he in the company of other prominent Ghanaians, including ministers of state, MPs, DCEs prominent church leaders etc will lead in the walk from Kyebi to the Bunso Arboretum, considered an eco-tourism site.

There, they will take cocoa drink as they listen to talks about the health benefits of cocoa and local rice. Thirty minutes later, participants will re-join their buses or private vehicles and drive to the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana at Tafo.

Participants will be given a guided tour of the centre for, at most, one hour. Thereafter, it will be all games and fun. A major quiz contest will be held about cocoa, local rice and tourism and recorded for the TV programme, AGORO.

“It Takes 2”, another exciting TV programme will be organised there.
another exciting TV programme will be organised there.

Attractive prizes such as return tickets to an European country, Abidjan and Takoradi will be presented to deserving participants.

In the games segment, the Family Races are intended to popularize (and thereby institutionalize) the concept of Family Health/ Fitness wil be a major highlight.

In this, the objective is the twinning of tourism with health and sports. That is why, in addition to the Mass Sports Division of the Ministry of Sports, the event is being organized in conjunction with the Ghana Health Service, organizers of the monthly Health Walk.

The Family Races will include the following:

a. Erecting the Family Tree:

Three members of a family would be expected to overcome obstacles and slippery terrain in crossing over to search for names on cards buried in heaps of sand. Father, mother and child would be racing against time.

b. The Slippery cocoa tree full of goodies:

On top of this tree are cocoa products which members of the family would have to push up one of their members to collect as many as possible.

c. Siamese athletes joined in the head by a balloon:

As the name suggests, pairs of competitors will race 50 metres. Between their heads will be a balloon.

d. Eat it if you can:

Competitors will eat boiled eggs suspended by strings from a pole, etc.

There will also be table tennis, lawn tennis, badminton, golf, swimming and snooker.

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