Dr E.K Hayford Writes: EC, NIA And NPP In Close Collaboration: 1.5 Million Ghanaians Are Disenfranchised In NIA Registration

Feature Article Dr E.K Hayford Writes: EC, NIA And NPP In Close Collaboration: 1.5 Million Ghanaians Are Disenfranchised In NIA Registration
MAY 7, 2020 LISTEN

The Caucus for Democratic Governance (CDG-Gh), through its research and observations has come to a firm conclusion that the EC is not transparent, she is also not credible. Indeed she lacks integrity, neutrality and fairness.

We are not surprised at the conduct and behaviour of Madam Jean Mensah. It is her way of saying thank you to the President. After breaking all protocols, the President virtually carried her into the position of Electoral Commissioner. He who pays the piper calls the tune. The President is therefore calling the tune for the 2020 election. The symbiotic agenda between the EC and the President; the President and NIA and the EC and NPP, makes everything possible. From disenfranchising 1.5 million people and forcing to create a new voter`s register using 2020 NIA data.

In this period of COVID-19, when Ghanaians are losing their lives, the President, the EC and the NIA, working in tandem are fully bent on achieving political victory in 2020 for Nana Addo. On the 19th April the President lifted the ban on partial lockdown. The next day the NIA started registration in the Eastern Region while the EC went on training registration officers. With the endorsement of Government, the EC went further to organize workshops in violation of the ban on social gathering and physical distancing. Why has the EC officials not been arrested? Why have the four Akuapim sub-chiefs been arrested for the same offence? Why have the priest and three others from Volta Region been jailed for breaking the same ban?

From the paragraph above, it becomes clear that the Akufo Addo Government pretending to project COVID-19, is indeed playing egoistic politics to secure personal advantage over his opponents in the 2020 elections. The registration carried out by the NIA, has willfully disenfranchised one million five hundred thousand Ghanaians. The names of these Ghanaians have been taken from the new NIA register and so would not be able to vote in the 2020 election.

It all becomes clear when one compares the 2016 register to the 2020 register by NIA. The President authorizes the NIA to register and issue new Ghana cards. The poorly carried out operation did not register 1.5 million people, mostly in NDC stronghold. The only Region which had more registered voters was in Ashanti Region–the stronghold of NPP. In 2016, 3,063,986 people were registered in Greater Accra Region; in 2020, only 1,995,669 people were registered. Roughly one million people have been taken off the register. In Central Region, Northern Region and almost all the Regions (apart from Ashanti Region) large number of people have not been registered.

Unfortunately, the EC does not have the requisite leadership qualities expected of EC boss. She is not up to task. She is not credible. She has no integrity. She is not neutral. She is not fair in her assessments. She is being pushed around to fulfill an interest; the interest of the presidency. She cares less about what happens to Ghana as a result of her actions. As a developing country, we run the risk of destroying our country, if personal political interest of the ruling party overshadows the interest of the Ghanaian people who voted them into office.

Dr E.K.Hayford
Executive Director
0277606338 / 0507694343

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