29.01.2014 Career & Money

Things You Should Know Before You Change Jobs

By Angela Sarpong
Things You Should Know Before You Change Jobs
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If you are thinking about changing job because you don't like what you do anymore, you got bored, you want a higher salary or whichever other reason, it never is an easy decision to make. You should always consider a certain amount of things before doing so to understand if it is the right thing to do. Here are five basic questions you ought to ask yourself before making a choice:

Is it what you really want?
You have to consider that boredom is not necessarily given by a lack of passion, but a consequence of daily routine. Your next job will too get boring after a while, so make sure changing it is what you truly want and not just something provoked by a transitory feeling. Think of what you like about your job, what made you find it special in the first place and try to discover why the magic is gone in order to bring it back.

Is there a possibility of growing in the company?

This is very important. Always look for a company that offers you a chance for growth. This is also related with the number of years you've been working in that same position and if it's possible to get promoted sometime in a near future. Instead, if your role does not expect you to do anything different and you feel stuck then it might be a good idea to at least take a look at what's out there.

Am I comfortable with my job environment?
There's nothing worse in the workplace than living in an unhealthy environment (psychologically or physically), since it's directly related to productivity. Does your job make you keep want to keep coming back every day? If the answer is no, ask yourself why. Has it always been like that? Is it due to the people that work with you or is it more related with your working space? If it's something you can solve by working on it because you in whole, you like your job, then consider it before you make any drastic decisions. If you can't do anything about it then maybe it's time for you to change job and look for a better environment, that suits your peculiarities.

What's out there for me?
Check the market and be open to possibilities! Although it's a hard thing to do, sometimes we have to consider that in order to improve our careers we need to move from our comfort zone, and at times even from our country. This is one of the best employment opportunities for young workers with no strings attached, for example looking for a job in the Nigerian job market, which average salary is 53% higher than it is in Ghana. At first it might be scary to leave our comfort zone, but once you're there and you've found your place you'll be glad you left.

Am I willing to take the step?
Changing job will require a huge sacrifice, from both you and you family. It's very important that once you decide to make this step, you carry it out and you are willing to take all the responsibilities that come with it. Also don't forget you shouldn't quit your current job before you have a sure job contract waiting for you. Remember to always keep your CV updated and an example of cover letter ready in case you need it or see a job offer that meets your requirements and expertise.

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