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15.05.2019 Touch Of Thoughts

Dear friend, why hurt me ?

Dear friend, why hurt me ?
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Written by Anonymous. Names have been changed. Here's to Styeffi Rabeckaa Caurtnea Kyathaara Tryacay Anadnan Ccihado Seaiorsae Oooh yeah We were supposed to be friends Sisters In an English secondary school. Yet everything you did I was excluded, rejected. Cause I wasn't cool Is friendship about being cool? I wasn't popular Is friendship about being popular? Two changed changed For better. Chido wasn't that bad. I forgive Don't mean it still don't hurt What ya did. Ladies why I was too young 11-16 For you to Pretend not to know me Come close Only when you needed To use my big heart as a rug. Why friend was I the only one ugly In the group ? Why friend was I the only one talked down to ? Made to feel unimportant Unloved Why call each other pretty, sexy And clown me when I took a photo? What was so bad about me. I guess in your eyes My skinny was disgusting, only two of you were not black too so why was my darker shade so despicable.? My demeanour Too pure Elegant Holy. Different From the real Christians and muslims. You guys said you were I saw nothing but hate, So me and Gods love was strained. You made me cry Then called me cry baby, You said I Was less than I was treated than less than Because I deserved Less than. You taught me be different from yourself. Yourself cannot be loved By us, Others, Men or the world. That's why your being bullied. That's why we taunt you. Become like us Let's make you new, Likeable. What you did was make me Have tower walls. I cry regretting the day. My pure friendship Wanted to love yours It shouldn't have. Friends love Bring joy. Learn from my mistakes Cut Styeffi Rabeckaa Caurtnea Old Tryacy Anadnan Seaiorsae Old Ccihado Old Kyatharaa off.