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Food Services Ghana Introduces Edible Photo Cakes

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Food Services Ghana Introduces Edible Photo Cakes
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With an increasing amount of families in want to use photographs on cakes to be removed before it is served which, can be contaminated with hazardous solvents from paper printing inks, FSG has responded with a new twist of photo cakes printed with globally certified edible inks and sheets.

Lashibi -Tema, GA: Food Services Ghana, has done it again! Rita Wandy Offei, an European ROC Pastry Chef, has released her new 100% Edible Photo Cakes with online self cake designing tool, creating a whole new category of cake game in Ghana. Her high-end, prestigious and contemporary style wedding, anniversary and celebration cakes come in a playful “click-clack” online order system that has kids and adults alike incredibly hooked!

“We wanted to do something special to celebrate 62 years of Ghana's Independence,” said Rita, the creator of extraordinary cakes. “These kinds of cakes help our fans to keep their favorite photos close so they can share and eat it whenever they get an unexpected break; like birthdays or in a waiting room to say” Yes I Do.” Our quick, convenient and interactive cake design tool has a social element that is treasured by families and friends to design and send cakes to loved ones.

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Designing and sending the cake to your loved one is now shorter, faster and affordable. Food Services Ghana’ an award-winning line of cakes still retain the unique flavor of the originals in the Netherlands. FSG can create Edible Photo Cake in different sizes ranging from small postcard to the size of a billboard to entertain private to larger groups of Corporate Events.

Food Services Ghana’ is known for supplying family-friendly cakes that are versatile for many ages and occasions. Their cakes are perfect for an easy gift, for those that are on-the-go or for smaller groups that appreciate office to enjoy endlessly.

About Food Services Ghana

Located at Avocado Street, Opposite Ebenezer Methodist Church Lashibi – Tema, GA, is a family-owned and operated business with a global presence; its cakes are sold online and in Supermarket retail locations across Ghana. Their cakes have received numerous awards from organizations as well as private events. For more information please visit https//

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0548 89 96 01

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