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09.02.2019 Lifestyle

Rise above your mistakes

You cannot escape making them
Rise above your mistakes
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Are you stagnant because you are scared of failure ? Do you spend your life trying to attain moral and human perfection? Stop ! even Adam and Eve failed in being perfect, even though they were created to be perfect beings. How much more you ? Imperfect from birth, unable to not be able, to escape mistakes. Why try to stop the inevitable ? All you can do is learn from your mistakes and move forward.

A wise person knows that's the only way to upgrade in life, move forward. Those who dare to invite mistakes as challenges to improve, constantly see themselves evolving. Those who cannot face the individual in the mirror susceptible to mistakes, who deny and beat themselves up over every failure. Spend their life walking on egg shells and never fully experience their personable power.

Many believe their fears will keep them from making mistakes that could jeopardise a future, they are taking no active steps to have. That's why some fears are considered irrational, they have no basis to them. The truth is fear of mistakes puts people in a prison, that keeps them from fulfilling their true potential.

Assata Shakur said " It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love each other and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains." Though this was said for political reasons, it can also apply in this context. It's our duty as human beings to fight fear and gain our freedom. It's our duty to win that fight and we must love and support each other along the way. And, this is the most important thing to always remember, we have nothing to lose but our chains. Naked you came into the world, naked you will return.

Therefore laugh, get angry, be bitter, be forgiving, dream, fear and overcome fear, dance, be creative, childlike, adult like, whoever you want to be, as long as it does not hurt your or others. Be bold enough to leave room for mistakes and let the lessons you learn from them, help you build a bright future.

You are more than your mistakes. You are made of the strength you take to overcome them. Rise, rise, rise, above everything that keeps you unfulfilled.