‘It’s been tough minding my business, being a cool person; I’m a perfectionist in my job’ — Jackie Appiah

Celebrity Its been tough minding my business, being a cool person; Im a perfectionist in my job —Jackie Appiah
FEB 8, 2024 LISTEN

Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah, has opened up about the challenges she faces in maintaining a low profile and avoiding controversies on social media while emphasizing her dedication to her craft.

In a revelation, Jackie Appiah shared insights into her approach to navigating the world of social media.

The actress attributed her ability to stay clear of unnecessary controversies to her commitment to keeping a low profile and prioritizing her love for acting.

Jackie emphasized that her passion for her career is a guiding force, steering her away from distractions and fostering a strong work ethic.

The actress highlighted the essence of concentrating on her work, maintaining a cool demeanor, and avoiding careless mistakes to carve out the ideal professional path.

Reflecting on the challenges of staying low-key, she stated, "It’s been literally tough, it's not easy, but I am naturally a cool person.

“I am always in my corner, I mind my job, I mind my business, and I don’t want to make mistakes; everything must be perfect."

Gideon Afful Amoako
Gideon Afful Amoako

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