I'm billed to perform at South Africa tomorrow but the embassy has denied me visa – OB Amponsah laments

Comedy News OB Amponsah, Ghanaian comedian
OB Amponsah, Ghanaian comedian

Popular Ghanaian stand-up comedian OB Amponsah has expressed frustration after being denied a visa to perform in South Africa this weekend.

The award-winning entertainer was scheduled to appear at a comedy festival in Bloemfontein on Saturday with fellow comedian Lekzy De Comic, but will no longer be able to attend due to the rejected visa application.

"In 2022, I decided to go check the comedy scene in South Africa, do a few clubs and test my strength there," OB Amponsah wrote in a Facebook post on Friday.

He continued, "Then our hard work pays off, we are booked for a comedy festival in Bloemfontein happening this Saturday but cannot go because we have not been able to secure visas,”

According to him, their inability to attend this show will definitely put future South African shows in jeopardy.

"I doubt [the event organizer] will put us on anymore. 'Those Ghanaians will stress you with visa acquisition,' will be their response I'm sure," he wrote.

He further expressed frustration at the barriers restricting African artists from sharing their work across the continent.

"You take a step forward and then some immigration policies or whatever pull you 3 steps back. What's the point in sweating here? What's the point if we cannot reap the benefits of our labor. Ebi hard for this side," he wrote.

The comedian had recently performed several shows in South Africa, personally funding trips to grow his presence in the country's comedy scene.

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