What are some innovative marketing tactics for banks and financial institutions in Ghana

By Moora Salam
Business What are some innovative marketing tactics for banks and financial institutions in Ghana

Dinner event:
As per Forrester Research report, the normal chief marketing officer allots 24% of their general spending budget towards live events in order to associate with clients, generate leads, and educate attendees. Given its adaptability as a marketing tactic, banks and financial institutions can benefit greatly by using event marketing.

How it works:
Invite 300 or more individuals with good business standing from the area surrounding the branch you operate for a free dinner in a restaurant in the same town or city. Allow the guest to have a wonderful evening, relaxing and enjoying the delicious food and music. At the end of the evening, give a brief presentation on your service offering. Give a clear call to action after your presentation.

Flash mob:
What is a flash mob? According to, a flash mob is; “A group of people who appear from out of nowhere, to perform predetermined actions, designed to amuse and confuse surrounding people.” Flash mobs are a great way to reach a large and younger audience. So how can you use a flash mob to keep your bank or financial institution relevant and stand out amongst the competition? Have a little fun.

Unlike classical types of promoting, flash mob marketing has advanced within recent years as brands utilize the element of surprise and the intensity of viral video to capture audiences both offline and online. For banks and financial institutions hoping to boost their brand awareness, introduce a new product or service in the area, flash mobs can be the ideal tool to quickly boost interest in the company.

Facebook storyteller
Run a facebook carouse ads targeting small businesses and individuals highlighting your financial-emotional journey. what experiences, life stages, and other touchpoints in the customer lifecycle ultimately lead people to your financial products? Example: How your financial product help expands families, build marriage, savings, remodels and retirement.

Attracting more customers with content
Content is still king and the public needs real-time financial information. So create content that really resonates with consumers, builds trust and alleviates consumer anxieties

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