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21.04.2014 Press Release


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Mahama-Amissah administration is like a ship without a rudder, and the noblest thing for them was to step aside before causing further damage to the country. President John Mahama pronouncements in public for the first quarter of the year has regularly been characterized and filled with empty rhetoric, deception and self-glorification.

COYLIB has deep reservations in line with the President pillars for development for the land. The President had not been on top of issues and lacks an acknowledgement of the misery experienced by the populace due to poor economic policies of his government.

For a system to be agile and robust, it required good leadership with experience to adapt to new circumstances and avoid rigidity that will yield something positive for it citizens, but what is happening under Mahama administration is dull and deliberate effort to fail.

The President has surrounded himself with gross incompetent appointees being paid huge sums of money at the expense of taxpayers. There are also no new ideas and plans to give hope to citizens under this NDC administration.

On human rights, the president has no respect for human rights in the country and has turned human rights into “demon” rights under his watch. He continues to violate the socio-economic rights of Ghanaians. Public accounts committee (PAC) revealed such an unacceptable behaviour and violation from the state run security agency; Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) used funds from accounts seized from people it is investigating to run the organisation. The worse of all was the violation of the health right of people in Ashanti region by instituting capitation pilot in a densely populated area.

On education, the country finds it difficult to distinguish between great and remarkable leaders because the President has forgotten the basics while trying to prove to Ghanaians as perfect. Seen by most Ghanaians as a desperate attempt by the NDC administration to buy into the ideas of Free SHS, we understand the President has lost focus on the 'Better Ghana Agenda' and needs proper reassessment due to the numerous promises that have not been fulfilled.

On job creation, foreign agents are ruling our country and Mahama does not seem to care. These agents have taken over every aspect of the economy including jobs left for the indigenous to live on to survive. Our youth are not getting jobs; graduates are unemployed, and criminal activities are on the ascendency. The youth and the unemployed do not need the Youth Enterprise Development Fund (YEDF) to better their living conditions. The YEDF was mainly to replace GYEEDA to siphon money from the state coffers.

The European Union and the US state department reports in 2010 and 2013 expresses the worrying and the increasing trend of corruption in the country. Corruption under Mahama has become rampant and unprecedented; there were no coherent solutions to the problems that have engulfed the country. Nepotism, misapplication, embezzlement, misappropriation and lack of transparency had damaged the nation internationally and now rated as CORRUPT REPUBLIC by the Africa Watch Magazine.

On the economy, the custodians of the economy had continued to lie about the state of the economy with explanations that do not put food, electricity, fuel, clothes, water, and money on the tables of suffering Ghanaians. The current endemic in the foreign exchange market had worsened the situation for both domestic and foreign investors whilst confidence had dwindled.

Ghana's huge debt caused by the reckless expenditure of Mahama-Amissah administration in 2012 and the excessive demand of money from the domestic market had left Ghanaians with no other option than to wallow in absolute poverty. The quantitative easing programme undertaken by Bank of Ghana ( BOG) will only amount to waste of state funds because of losing fiscal policy working in tandem with a tight foreign exchange rules.

The Mahama-Amissah administration continues with its arrogance and insensitivity to the current financial and economic crises subjecting innocent Ghanaians to hardship. A French philosopher, Henri Bergson once said; ''to exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly''.

COYLIB believes that, the President twelve (12) years as a member of parliament was not a mistake; the legislative years should have come with experience and great leadership but rather betrayed his ignorance and misconceptions about the issues confronting Ghanaians.

God blesses Ghana

(Omissions, errors, and typos are COYLIB mistakes)

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