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December 21, 2011 | News



Most children are fighting hard, I mean VERY HARD in school to compete with other students who get good grades for them to be able to keep their rank in school. At the same time, those average students are also striving hard in order for them not to fail the class, the family and the society. This is the reason why you need to show your love now.

Show your love by choosing a qualified tutor for your ward.

As a parent you may choose a home tutor base on either of the following:

1. To help a child who has temporarily fallen behind to catch up,

2. To learn a subject outside the school environment,

3. To stretch your child further or give closer attention to the needs of your child than is possible in a classroom environment.

4. Private tuition is tailored to your needs.
Home tuition can raise levels of school performance, help a child to increase their confidence, enjoyment and motivation in a subject and develop study skills and discipline that can be applied across a number of subjects. Private tutors are not just for children, adult learning is very popular and home tuition could be just the way to do it!

To learn more about private tuition and how a home tutor can help. Visit us @ and you would be glad you did.

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quot-img-1“In ocean of tears, the heart of stone sinks. (Dans l'océan de larmes, - Le coeur de pierre donc coule.)”

By: Charles de Leusse quot-img-1