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07.12.2011 Editorial

We Cherish Our Hard Won Peace

By Daily Graphic
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It is not for nothing that the international community has come to acknowledge and respect Ghana’s stature as a haven of peace, stability and hospitality on the continent of Africa.

It is a hard-earned reputation arising from the progressive spirit and peace-loving orientation of the people.

Ghanaians, by nature and orientation, are a God-fearing people who imbibe and live the sacred commandments of the Almighty God to be peace-loving and cherish peaceful co-existence in their respective communities.

It is on record that in the past when some leading politicians beat the war drums by resorting to very vitriolic, bellicose and war-mongering statements in the run-up to national elections, the Ghanaian people not only rejected those purveyors of confusion and anarchy but also refused to be drawn into the commission of any violent acts.

At least the vast majority of people are not as gullible and desperate as some of these violence-preaching politicians think and, accordingly, are not prepared to sacrifice their lives for the worthless cause of political aggrandisement of these power-hungry politicians.

They are also keenly aware that politicians who are quick to make these blood-cuddling exhortations to their supporters are the very ones who would themselves not be present at any scene of violence.

They are also the very ones who would already have despatched their children and relations to the safety and comfort of other nations far removed from the theatre of conflict they are busily cultivating.

Again, we can trust the good sense of judgement of the people regarding the outcome of elections.

Over the years, the people have come to trust and respect the Electoral Commission as an impartial and credible institution committed to ensuring the prevalence of the true will of the people as reflected in the ballot box. Not many people will allow themselves to be misled into misplaced and counter-productive acts of violence that can eventually consume themselves.

We are, therefore, happy that in recognition of this record of commitment to holding free, fair and transparent elections and to ensure that the government that emerges only does so on the express will of the people, President John Evans Atta Mills has invited the United Nations (UN) to come and monitor the polls.

We are especially happy to note that firstly the President once again assured everyone of the commitment of his government to deepen the tenets and practise of democracy in the country.

Secondly, the assurance that Ghana would not be allowed to burn under his watch and that nobody would be allowed to set the country ablaze or compromise the unity of the nation is most reassuring for Ghanaians.

Those who erroneously believe that they can ride to power on the back of war-mongering or blood-cuddling statements must imbibe those useful lessons of our history and the unmistaken resolve of the President to ensure that he lives up to the expectation of the people by dealing firmly and decisively with such over-zealous, power-hungry and nation-wrecking politicians.

It is not an accident that God has left this nation as an oasis of peace, order and stability in the sea of conflict that has characterised the West African sub-region.

Ghanaians are not only proud of this but would also jealously and fiercely fight to safeguard and protect it. West Africa, which has already witnessed prohibitive levels of violence and accompanying loss of lives, looks up to Ghana for hope and the way forward and we cannot fail our brothers.

In spite of all the problems we can enumerate, we cherish, above all else, our hard-won peace, unity and stability.

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