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16.12.2009 News

Who Is Santa Claus?

Father Christmas, Santa Claus or Papa Bronya dressed in his outfit.Father Christmas, Santa Claus or Papa Bronya dressed in his outfit.
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Santa Claus is also known as St Nick, Kris Kringle and Father Christmas.

Father Christmas was a traditional figure during the pagan celebration of the Winter. In the olden days, instead of bringing gifts to homes, Father Christmas, also known as Old Man Winter, would travel from home to home where the people would offer him food and drink? In return, he would grant them the blessings of a kind winter.

St Nicholas was the biggest influence on the Santa Claus we know today? St. Nicholas was a man of Greek origin born in the third century C.E. (Common Era. the period since the birth of christ when the christian calendar starts counting ).

His family was very wealthy but both died in a plague. Surviving the epidemic, St. Nick took his strict Christian upbringing very seriously and devoted his life to God.

He set out to help the poor and anyone who was suffering. Word of his generosity and kindness spread and he quickly earned the reputation of a gift giver and saint.

In fact, St. Nicholas achieved a sort of immortality as the man behind the legend of Santa Claus.

In Europe, the legend of Santa Claus has been celebrated for centuries, with each country having their own traditions surrounding him.

In Ghana, Father Christmas or Papa Bronya as he is referred to distributes gifts to children, especially at functions such as parties.

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