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06.11.2008 Relationship

Get my ex back


The following is an extract from

It was one o'clock in the morning when the phone went off. I rolled over and saw Mary's name flashing on the screen. Oh, not again! Give me a break …

"Yes, Mary?" I answered. Crackle-crackle – she was phoning from her mobile. "Get – ex – back," I heard – crackle crackle – "to get ex back …want …" She was obviously drunk.

“Mary –”

“– back again – just want – to get an ex back?”

“Mary, all I can hear is 'to get ex back, to get ex back'. Can't this wait until the morning?” The line went dead, we'd lost the connection. I waited another ten minutes to see if she would phone back, then switched it off. I remember thinking to myself "Poor girl – one day she'll get over it”. Then I drifted back to sleep.

The following afternoon my mobile was flashing Mary's name all over its face again. Aha, I thought, time for an explanation for the previous night's disturbance!

“Yes, Mary?”

“Er …. Did I phone you last night?” she asked, cautiously.

“Yes, about 1.00 in the morning!”

“I am sorry … I was drunk and I was feeling really bad. I still haven't got over the break-up yet,” she explained. “I promise it won't happen again. Are you angry with me?”

“No, of course not,” I replied. “I know how hard you are taking things.”

“I hope I didn't say anything stupid?” she asked sheepishly.

“No!” I laughed, “Just something about … 'to get ex back …to get ex back.' I couldn't hear the rest, the line was awful.”

“'To get ex back', 'to get ex back'? I couldn't even string a sentence together?” She sounded even more embarrassed.

“Yes, I know, Mary – you were clearly completely drunk!”

“Was that all, though? Okay. Thank God that's all I said because … the state I was in last night I could have said anything.” She started to relax, we had a chat, then she rang off – saying she was going for a lay down again to try and shake off her hangover!

Later that day Carl (the ex himself) phoned me to say he was getting a lot of antagonism from Mary regarding their (ex-) relationship. “She's literally trying to drive me mad!” he said, “Emails, texts, really hostile messages on my answer machine. It's not healthy.” I didn't mention to Carl last night's events regarding the 'to get ex back' interruption. But I did ask him how he was responding to the antagonism from Mary. Carl paused. “Like for like,” he answered.

Now isn't that strange. Here we have two people that were once madly in love, now hurling verbal ballistic missiles at each other.

Where did it all go wrong?

And how does Mary turn back the clocks to get back together?

5 tips to get an ex back

1. Don't stalk your ex. This will only push them away. Be patient!

2. After a bust-up, most people can be emotionally stressed. This will only be made worse by the use of alcohol or other drugs. This is a time that requires clear thinking. Alcohol and clear thinking don't mix.

3. Don't get antagonistic with your ex. How would you like it? Do you want to get them back or push them away? Stay cool.

4. Don't beg your ex to come back or beg for forgiveness. Use diplomacy.

5. Always have a game plan. (But not 'calling friends at 1am'!)

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