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17.05.2007 General News

NDC Youth in Tamale angry with Rawlings over Haruna's 'assassination plot'

By Hamza Lansah Lolly
NDC Youth in Tamale angry with Rawlings over Haruna's 'assassination plot'

The alleged assassination plot against the National Democratic Congress MP for Tamale South and Ranking Member on Communications, Haruna Iddrisu, has shaken the youth leadership of the party in the Tamale Metropolis.

Since the controversial assassination plot was published in two newspapers, The Ghanaian Observer and Gye Nyame Concord last week Wednesday, there has been a great deal of anger, bordering on panic among the youth in Tamale, especially die hard NDC members.

According to our Tamale correspondent, the Tamale youth are arguing less over the credibility of the alleged plot and more over the identity of who might be behind it.

Our correspondent says the angry Tamale youth have singled out NDC founder Jerry John Rawlings and his key advisers of directly or indirectly influencing the plot.

They cite Mr Rawlings and his aide's apparent unhappiness with Mr Iddrisu"s political principles and boldness.

They say, for instance, since the Bolgatanga Congress that saw the Tamale-South MP beating Mr Rawlings's preferred candidate, Nii Lante Vanderpuye, for the position of National Youth Organiser, the relationship between the young, promising politician and the former President has gradually worsened.

In support of their theory they point to a rumour "manufactured and transported from Accra" a few weeks before the assassination plot story broke that their MP was a mole working for the governing New Patriotic Party. In their view, this was "to soften the ground."

The Tamale youth describe their MP as diligent and selfless in his service and loyalty to the NDC.

In separate interviews conducted by The Statesman in the Tamale metropolis, to assess the views of the public on the assassination issue, both the old and young who spoke to our correspondent expressed shock and consternation over the alleged plot.

"For what? Kill Haruna for what? " were some of the sentiments.

Mallam Awudu, a leading member of the NDC who spoke to The Statesman issued an opened warning against would-be assassins of the Tamale-South MP. "I want those who want to kill him to beware that Haruna is above assassination, Insha Allahu!" he said.

Mr Awudu said, initially they thought the assassination plot was just an NPP-instigated ploy to tarnish the image of the NDC.

But, the NDC-inspired propaganda that the young MP could be a turncoat coupled with his long-held silence when the story first broke gave more credence to the story.

He is, however, urging the Tamale South MP not to despair but carry on defending and promoting the NDC and attacking the NPP, as well.

Another youth leader and core supporter of the NDC in the Metropolis, Ahmed Fari, however, dismisses the alleged plot to assassinate Haruna Iddrisu, saying it's a deliberate attempt by enemies of the NDC to destroy the party.

This paper also gathered that an NDC strong woman, Mma Martha has been so disappointed with her party that, by press time last night, she had refused to eat since hearing the assassination story last Friday.

Some of the youth we spoke to said they continue to pray for their role model.