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03.01.2020 Opinion

Tema Inter Sites Begins As Titus Glover Scramble For Recognition

By Percy Lennox Narh
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The Tema Inter Sites Competition is an annual soccer tournament mostly organised every year by the community members for the communities in the month of December, with the aim to bring people together to promote unity, while having fun as the year comes to an end. The tournament, having brought home the bacon, has transcended political regimes. The Tema Twedease Primary School Park is the place to be as beautiful soccer violently excites supporters every year.

During the yuletide, the least any soccer fan expects is the display of beautiful football, as a result of a splendiferous organisation of event. At this stage, love and passion should be the motivation for every promoter or sponsor.

Soccer as a discipline has secured for itself an intrinsic part of our daily discourse. Indeed, sports as we all know is the distinct physical activity that has many parts to it in terms of health; sports apart from promoting sound bodily development, and fitness, also, enhance mental balance and growth. Therefore, any person who commits to the development and promotion of sports is promoting tolerance, fostering cohesion and also appreciating the role of sports, and for that matter soccer in our societies.

Sports over the years has become a necessary ingredient for nation building particularly, in the wake of the rumpus violence that our societies are grappling with to keep heads above the waters.

Forthwith, any attempt by anybody to lay waste this colourful event for their parochial interest would be resisted fiercely.

For the Member of Parliament for the Tema East Constituency to lay claim over the Inter Sites Competition, and to also seek to block other persons from sponsoring even though his sponsorship is only pocketable and insufficient, is the most disgustful act a leader or better still a member of parliament could pursue.

I am still struggling to understand why Titus Glover, the MP for the Tema East Constituency will hijack and politicise the Tema Inter Sites Gala Competition.

An event like this should rather bring us together, but for the MP of Tema East to reject the contribution of Hon Ashai Odamtten, the NDC Parliamentary Candidate for the Tema East Constituency towards the tournament is amateurish, infantile, and backward to say the least.

When he (Hon Ashai) was the MCE of TMA, he contributed his quota without the need to politicise the competition. He did not interfere with the work of the organisers.

We also saw the era of Hon Kempes Ofosu Ware(former MCE and Parliamentary Candidate) too - and we did not see him politicising the competition. We did not see his aids interfering with the work of the organisers.

However, same cannot be said about Titus Glover... mainly because, because he is supposedly 'sponsoring' the competition, he has managed to impose his aid into organisation committee. The imposition of his political protoge who knows next to nothing about soccer into the management of the competition has not only marred the beauty of the game, but exposed him, Titus, as an opportunistic politician.

The tournament need more sponsorship, one would have thought the MP will use this event to bring all of us together, irrespective of ones political background, and also allow people who have soccer at heart to also contribute their widow’s mite and explore ways to guarantee the sustainability of the event in the coming years.

This scramble for recognition can only come from a desperate politician.

I only hope the Inter Sites Soccer Tournament will not be counted as the brainchild of Titus Glover by himself and his ilks.

I will come again, to discuss the work of Titus Glover, MP for Tema East; even though, I acknowledge that, he has overstayed his welcome in Tema East.

Percy Lennox Narh

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