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04.11.2019 Tennis

GTF Holds First Stakeholders Meeting

GTF Holds First Stakeholders Meeting
NOV 4, 2019 TENNIS

Ghana Tennis Federation's newly elected executives held it's first stakeholders meeting at the Accra Sports Stadium Media Center on Friday.

President of Ghana Tennis Federation Isaac Aboagye Duah (Abe) who addressed the meeting said, "we called the reps of the players, coaches, umpires and foundations to take stock of what we did in 2019, what went wrong, the highs and lows and moving on what they wanted the new board to do, that will form our four years strategic plan."

“From here we are going to meet with the Media, Club reps and Regional reps, then we draw our 4-year plan,” Mr Duah stressed on.

The meeting was attended by coaches, players, umpires, tennis foundation reps as well as Tennis Foundation Ghana officials, Peter Mensah Sports Foundation, Donkor Tennis and Education Foundation and St.Francis Foundation.

The motive behind the stakeholder meetings was to review the performance of the old board and offer ideas and solutions to address the challenges facing Ghana tennis.

It was also an open forum where the various foundations submitted their programs for the year 2020 which will feed into drawing up the 2020 Ghana tennis calendar.