21.02.2005 Football News

Ibo youth use Super cup match to further secession agenda

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(Cecil Adom, GNA Special Correspondent, Aba, Nigeria)

Aba, Feb 21, GNA - Secessionist elements among Enyimba supporters who have been clamouring for the return of the state of Biafra used their club's hard fought 2-0 win over Accra Hearts of Oak in their Confederation of African Football (CAF) Super Cup match over the weekend to press home their demand for a separate Ibo homeland.

The fans who waved the red, black and green colours of the Biafran State, found their voice when Enyimba took the lead in the first half of extra time after they were made to sit on thorns throughout the regular time which produced no goals.

Hearts, before conceding the two goals gave Enyimba a run for their money as they matched them boot for boot and even when they were forced to play with 10 men after the withdrawal of Lawrence Adjei due to injury after they had exhausted their substitution lists, did not relent till the final whistle of regulation time.

The Enyimba fans who kept urging their team on up to the extra time in pouring rains that started almost at the close of regulations time, had their efforts rewarded when the home team finally found the lead. The lead, which came in the sixth minute of extra time through Mutui Adegoke's low drive, was welcomed with a loud roar of appreciation from the fans.

The visibly tired Hearts team continued to fight the Nigerians till the 109th-minute when Muri Ogungiyi doubled the Nigerians score with a header to consolidate their lead and guaranteed them a second Super Cup in two years.

After the match, drenched supporter of Enyimba could not hide their relieve as they poured unto the field in droves waving the Biafran flags alongside the colours of their team.

One supporter the GNA Sports spoke to said the current agitation is mostly youth-centred with the support of few prominent Ibos. He said the youth in the area, which is among the hot-bed of Ibo nationalist activities take advantage of every situation now- a- days to press home their demand for an independent Ibo land.

In the late 1960's, General Chukumeka Odumgu Ojuwku, then in the Nigerian army declared an Independent state called Biafara among the Ibos.

The declaration act resulted in a civil war, which lasted for about 29 months after which the Biafran State was defeated and re-absorbed into Federal Nigeria.

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