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19.11.2008 Football News

Kingston in trouble over Ghana

					Kingston in trouble over Ghana

Kingston in Ghana even though he's not playing Hearts coach Csaba Laszlo will hold urgent talks with Laryea Kingston after the injured midfielder travelled almost 4,000 miles to Ghana for Wednesday's international friendly against Tunisia.




Kingston has missed Hearts' last five games with a thigh problem, but the Ghana Football Association wanted its own doctors to examine him.


Laszlo told the Edinburgh Evening News: "If 'Larry' is back, we must talk about this issue. I know he is in Ghana and I am surprised. The player is injured. He can't play for his national team.


"He has a letter; the medical staff from Ghana would like to see him, but he can't play. Heart of Midlothian have medical staff who do a good job."


Laszlo insists Kingston will not be involved in Saturday's Scottish Premier League match against Falkirk .


He said: "'Larry' will definitely not play in my team. He cannot come back so quickly. I don't know when he will be fit; he has a flight ticket to be back for the weekend.


"He was getting treatment in our medical department. He tried to come back but he told us he was injured.


"He had the invitation from the football federation of Ghana - and if you receive this letter, your club cannot refuse to release you. We released 'Larry' but if the player is injured and he would like to come back quickly, this is not the best way.


  "This is a friendly game for Ghana , not an official game. You are injured and you lose a lot of time. You are sitting in the airport or on an aeroplane ? you are not receiving treatment. This is not what I want and this is not professional."



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