12.03.2008 Sports News

Blatter Backs Local Coaches

By Daily Guide
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FIFA president, Joseph Sepp Blatter has added his voice to the call on African countries to poach indigenous coaches for their national teams instead of acquiring foreign ones at higher costs.

Blatter believes national team coaches should come from the same country as the players and wants foreign coaches to be banned from national teams.

“In Africa recently, many of the countries competing in the Cup of Nations had foreign coaches but all have now gone,” Blatter said.

“Of course, national associations are free to choose who they believe is the right man but I do think that the cause of international football would be made stronger with indigenous coaches.

“I cannot believe that it is possible to properly bring young players into international football and motivate them and bring improvement through a translator.

“I will bring it to the Technical Committee on Monday. If we had such a rule maybe it would impact on the freedom of the associations. But we can take up this matter.”

The FIFA boss cited the example of Berti Vogts saying, “My old friend Berti Vogts was in charge of Nigeria and he didn't even live in the country - that surely can't be the correct way to proceed” he intimated. “Vogts was not living in Nigeria because he said his players weren't there. But to feel a team you must feel the country.”

By Mohammed Muniru Kassim

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