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02.06.2007 Football News

Kudos, Appeals Committee

Dear Editor, I doff my hat to the Appeals Committee of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) for reversing an earlier ruling on the recently-held Divion One Middle League which was rocked by a match-fixing scandal.

I know the ruling does not mean that Nania F/C and the other three clubs have been exenorated, but at least it provides an opportunity for the right thing to be done.

We must be careful, though, that we don't temper justice with mercy. It is important that the committee begins the retrial quickly in order not to delay the commencement of the Premier League, tentatively scheduled to start in July.

It is important for all to appreciate the struggle the Professional League Board (PLB) went through to get the national football calendar to synchronise with the other leagues in the world, and care must be taken not to erode that.

I think the PLB should issue a directive to the committee to ensure that the final ruling is out by June 20 so that we can be sure of which teams are participating in the League.

In fact, if the retrial delays it will be very difficult to come out with the fixtures for the matches, and this could delay the start of the league.

I hope that the parties involved will remain calm and if possible, the committee should also be re-consttituted so that the final outcome will be respected by all.

I pray that the correct procedure will be followed so that we will not have to go back and forth in arriving at the final conclusion of this case.

Abdul Basit-Abdul Basit,