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17.05.2007 General News

Central Region will reject Prof. Mills – NPP Organiser

By The Independent

The Central Regional branch of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has debunked media publications claiming that National Democratic Congress' flagbearer, Professor John Evans Atta Mills' popularity was soaring in the region following his recent visit as unfounded and untrue.

The NPP said contrary to the assertions by people who it described as day dreamers, the region was still their stronghold.

Denying the claims on behalf of the NPP at Cape Coast, the party's Regional Organiser, Alhaji Ben Gibrine disclosed that the recent visit by the former Vice President did not have any impact on the political terrain in the Central Region.

He also asserted that over 90% of the population in the region did not hear of Atta Mills' visit to the area, let alone be convinced by it for him to capture the region for his party.

He noted that, even though Prof. Atta Mills was a native of the region, he never made any meaningful contributions towards the development of the region when he was the Vice President of the country, so he had nothing to show that he had something good for his people in the region.

Alhaji Gibrine added that, during the regime of President Rawlings and Prof. Mills, Central Region could not boast of a single good road network, but now, it was being counted as one of the regions that could boast of good road networks thanks to the good governance of the NPP.

"I thank God that the people in the Central Region can compare the regime of the NDC and that of the NPP and make their own decision as to which party they will vote for come 2008 general elections," he said.

"Let no one deceive himself, it is a fact that the NPP has won the hearts of the people of the Central Region due to the tremendous work it has done for the Region since it took over [national] administration in 2001," Alhaji Gibrine added.

The people in the Central Region know no other political party than the NPP, said the Central Regional Organiser of the NPP, who then went on to express the hope that his party would be given the nod come 2008 general elections.

He concluded, "The NPP will retain its sixteen parliamentary seats in the region, and capture the only two seats the NDC won in the 2004 elections, so Prof Atta Mills and his NDC should look for somewhere else for votes and seats, not in the Central Region."

Source: The Independent