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18.04.2007 League Report

Ashgold Lose Protest Against Hearts

The Disciplinary Committee of the Ghana Football Association has thrown out a protest filed by Ashgold that prayed it to declare Hearts losers of their 20th week Onetouch Premier game played at the Obuasi Len Clay Stadium on March, 20, 2007.

Consequently, it has ruled that the results of the game should stand.

Ashgold in that protest argued that Hearts played the game without the strips they registered with the Ghana Football Association.

They also argued that Hearts failed to register their hoses in accordance with a directive issued earlier by the Ghana Football Association.

The miners then submitted that Hearts violated article 17 of the FA regulations, but the committee in its verdict stated that in both instances Hearts did not violate the law.

Though the committee conceded that a strip constitutes the shirt, shorts and stockings and any registration should include them, it was not in doubt that the FA and the Professional League Board failed to supply any particular form to the clubs to register their strips as provided by Article 17.

Furthermore, it said there was no doubt that the PLB issued an admnistrative directive to clubs to present their strips in pictorial form.

The committee stated that it found that the FA had received a letter from Hearts which clearly indicated their strips, jerseys, hoses and shorts attached with pictures.

In respect of the red line which Ashgold stated was missing in the jerseys Hearts wore in the match against them, the Committee stated that it had already given its ruling on the matter, adding that though the red line was absent, it was not significant or material enough to constitute a violation of the regulations.