29.03.2024 Boxing

Mickey’s Tire and Service celebrates longstanding support of boxing talent Joseph Awinongya Jr.

By Sammy Heywood Okine
Mickeys Tire and Service celebrates longstanding support of boxing talent Joseph Awinongya Jr.
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Mickey’s Tire and Service, a cornerstone of automotive care in Joliet, is proud to announce the recent visit of local boxing sensation Joseph Awinongya Jr. to our service center. This visit marks a continued tradition of community support and mutual respect between Mickey’s and the Awinongya family.

Mike Milaska, owner and operator of Mickey’s Tire and Service, has been a steadfast supporter of Joseph’s boxing career, providing reliable vehicle service for the Awinongya family for years. “It’s more than just fixing cars; it’s about building relationships and supporting each other’s dreams,” said Milaska.

Joseph Awinongya Jr., known for his dedication and prowess in the ring, attributes part of his success to the unwavering support from local businesses like Mickey’s. “Having a reliable service like Mickey’s allows me to focus on training and tournaments without worrying about transportation,” stated Awinongya Jr.

The relationship between Mickey’s Tire and Service and the Awinongya family exemplifies the spirit of community and the power of local support. Mickey’s commitment to excellence mirrors Joseph’s own journey in the boxing world, where determination, skill, and community backing create champions.

Mickey’s Tire and Service invites the community to join in celebrating this special relationship and to continue supporting Joseph Awinongya Jr. as he represents Joliet in the boxing arena.

Mickey’s Tire and Service has been serving the Joliet community for over two decades, providing top-notch automotive care with a personal touch. Committed to excellence and community involvement, Mickey’s is the go-to service center for quality, reliability, and community spirit.