Muslims At The Gun Point

Ramadan Read 
Day Twenty Eight

They poked us
We smiled back
They walk everywhere
We’re questioned anywhere
They look pleasing
We appear bloody
They act as though they care
We treat them as our own 

They are relenting
We look greedy
They are loved
We are stereotyped
They hold guns 
But call us hooligans 
They wear classic suits
We can't keep beard

They preach freely 
We hide to profess faith
They are liberated
We are subjugated
They’re meeting their goals
We’re being forced to lose
The media ridicules us
But we clamour not

We are at the gun point
Our children mustn’t worship
Our women won’t be left alone
Our Holy Book mustn’t be read
Our religion mustn’t be followed
Our Prophet mustn’t be mentioned
The leaders have all stayed aloof
People in majority, what’s our crime?

By Yours Only,
Abdul Rahman Odoi (@Big Odoi)
Edited by Hafiz Laryea
All rights reserved.©️2021

Author: Abdul Rahman Odoi

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