Between Time

I swear I know how it feels
To be placed between the tides
As you see yourself struggling to catch a breath
As you pity your soul begging the unknown entity
To show a mercy you know is no more
At least not that you will see it here
Your tears mixed with the ocean
Your feelings are dwindling and fears fade away
I can hear the voices in the distance
I yearn to catch a phrase of my own
To let you know I wish to be there
To let you know that many a thing I wish to say to you
If only I can beat the hand of time
If only I can leap into the world before me
But the more I yearn the more I turn my back to it
I love to be loved I love to be pampered
I love to be here when the tides are high and low
I want to be here when you need me the most
But the hand of time is neither here nor there
I don't think I am sitting on the fence
But I see myself between times
Between life and between death
I'm neither gone nor standing
But all I know is I'm insignificant to being
I think I'm a hollow mill powered by a force I can't fight
The time between I am and I want to be
Its strange but I guess that's the beauty of a mystery
Between that time you wish to live and you fight for it
Yet the time is appointed for your demise and your fight is in vain

By Amoak Derrick

Posted by: Amoak Derrick

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