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My First Eid Al-Fitr

Being born in a Zongo community, 

Gave me the zeal to help humanity,

Not for their lack of man's basic need,

But for the luck that I now have people to feed.

Seldom did I take part in Islamic activities,

For the idea of the Zongo hostilities.

Yet, As long as I grew with their husbands,

I realized not all sad news is created by their hands.

It's only a notion that each child is assumed to have played in the sands.

With my encounter with the second Sheikh of the land,

Islam in focus was what thought me the goodness in Islam's demand.


The rhetoric is only an iota of truth in each religion,

That there is a "Mensah" in each tradition.

I played with Abdul after my Sunday school,

And ate with Aisha each break at school.

Sometimes Sheikh himself took us out to the pool,

Don't fight was his only golden rule.

Amelia would bring my mum a basket of food,

And I cannot forget the symbolic aroma that flies in all their meals.


Even at KNUST, in my hostel with his son,

Sheikh would visit and walk with us in hot sun,

Just to outline similitude in the Quran and the Bible,

Making me wonder why out there, things don't seem that simple.

If fasting and feasting is as religious as believing and giving,

Why must misunderstanding, pain and fearful anger,

Not be bartered for unity, forgiveness and faithful prayer?


Is it Ramadan,

Is it Eid of man?

It is Godly,

And hence Holy.


By Michael Tettey Terkper

Posted by: Michael Tettey Terkper

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