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African Poet, Athlete Gabriel Awuah Mainoo Of Ucc eulogises Kobe Bryant

Over the rotten rim sending to Kobe Bryant Over here love, I see you once more dunk it over the rotten rim/ In the cologne of Philadelphia I feel you trapped in a dark child's dream/ You have laboured all ways to carve the way In between paths of suns and moons comes a dreadful wonder parting you from the sky/ to trip alone, is to walk the darkened myrtle, where ancient voices growl parching your name/ Over there love, I see you once more dunk it over the rotten rim/ arching this way is to wave the world in a fog where sparkling memories ices up in your body/ rock it baby hooking ma heart// dropping the dime making it rain; putting 'em on skates// Over there Kobe one more time over the rotten rim/ ©Gabriel Awuah Mainoo, Ghana. Biography Gabriel Awuah Mainoo author of ’60 aces of haiku’ and 'Chicken Wings at the Altar' serves as project manager to Ghana Writes journal and creative editor to WGM magazine. He's a semi-finalist of Ito Eno haiku Grand prix North America 2019. Gabriel is a widely collected griot who has appeared on/in The Cicada’s Cry; Writers Space Africa, Kalahari review, Ghana Writes, WGM magazine journal, the haiku foundation, Malawi's Nthanda review and elsewhere. He is a contributor to Best New African Poets 2018 anthology, Bodies & Scars anthology; attempt at exhausting a place in Leicester volume, poetry leaves bound volume, The Cicada’s Cry special edition; moon, Quesadilla and other adventures among others. Mainoo is a tennis player in the morning, a student in the afternoon and writer in the evening.

by Gabriel Awuah Mainoo

 Posted by: Gabriel Awuah Mainoo

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