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That Lonely Soul

You see him smiling, looking happy but behind the smiles, there is a lonely soul.

He desires to make people happy, he always wants to put smiles on the faces of others while suffering within him. Nobody sees that, nobody knows. Its like an act, like a movie. Behind the scenes, the actors have their lives they live, sometimes much different or opposite from what people see of them on set. That is how his life is like. Its not like he is a hypocrite. That's just how he is.

There are a lot going on in his life that nobody knows. He is friendly; you feel free when talking to him because he has got that listening ear. He likes helping people out of their situations because that's his desire; to help solve problems of people and to extend an extra hand when needed.

He is selfless but lonely. He suffers inside, within him. He doesn't open up to people.

People don't know about this or haven't realized this part of him because they don't actually care.

Once he is done helping them and they become okay, that's it. They forget of him.

Every answer to this question 'how are you' is 'I am fine, good, OK' or whatever positive answer there is.

Even when it is bad, when things are not okay, that's what we all say. So it makes it easy for him to hide under that.

He always answers, 'I am fine' when actually he would have wished to open up but he can't. That's the problem. He knows how to deal with people but doesn't know how to deal with himself. He is a lonely soul. He has got a lot of people around him but no one as a friend.

A lot of people are going through this but we don't know, we don't care. We see them smiling and we think to ourselves, all is well for them.

Sometimes we even get jealous of them when actually we have to feel sorry for them and try to help out if possible. We don't know what they go through and we stand afar to judge and they still put those tempting smiles on because although they are lonely, they don't care what you say or think about them.

There is always a story behind that smile.

by Rhoda Anane

 Posted by: Rhoda Anane

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