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What If Our Farmers Go On Strike? A Reflection On Farmers Day

Today I freely act as spokesperson for farmers As I saw many of them lined up like rivers On a day dubbed 'Farmers Day,' countless farmers haven't receive any pay They are still sitting by their already tired cassava hoping and praying for a buyer. They feed all of us yet they that plant eat last We claim to be an agrarian economy yet our farmers usually go bed with empty tommy. We each year meet first Friday of December for a national Farmers Day, yet, their pains, we don't remember. a sea of our foreign exchange come from the farmers yet the rewards we give them have been nothing but cutlasses. How do we woo our youth to be planters of the fruit? How do we develop the agricultural sector when our farmers lives haven't been better? How do we have Farmers Day organize by politicians some of whom have never held cutlass from ancients? Our farmers have been taken for granted for so long when will we forget promises and put them where they belong? The farmers also need V8 not spraying machine They need better life not of promise but action.

by Shadrack Oteng || Poet-Shaddy

 Posted by: Shadrack Oteng || Poet[-] Shaddy

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