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The Devil In White

He gave me sweets
But ended up pulling my tits
He said I shouldn't tell anybody
Else he would "destroy my life"
Something I should have told my parents about

I was too young to understand his body language
Yet he forced to pluck me whilst still unripe
He never considered my age
I guess he thought for that moment, I was his type
Someone I called uncle
He told me that's what loved ones do
Another lie I succumbed to, thinking he could kill me

He couldn't wait to See me with someone else after our "I do"

Psychologically, he murdered me in cold blood
The trauma keeps hunting after decades
The devil you know is sometimes worse than the angel you're yet to meet

Here he sits ready to walk down the aisle with someone I call auntie

I almost informed the pastor
To make him confess before everyone
But the Lord whispered in my ears
"Vengeance is mine"
I pray he lives long enough to "enjoy" the guilt
And may the Lord give him plenty bundles of joy
I leave it all to God
©Stella Allou

by Stella Allou

 Posted by: Stella Allou

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