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The Right One

One, Two, Three
Thought that would have been the final,
But the fourth came and left
The fifth came
Bringing hopes of glory but it failed.

Finally, there appeared one beautiful one
The sixth,
I thought the perfect
But like the scriptures said,
'A wolf in a sheep clothing'.
I thought it was the right one

Held it in my hands for long
Causing pain in the inner man
But I was focused on 'the right one'.
I just knew if 999 wrong occur
The right 1, can make the 1000 work
So am not giving up....

The Right one.....
I gave my ear to the world
'You guys are amazing'
'You guys look good'
But none of them knew the sacrifices that were made

I was even lost in thoughts
Because for her sake, I fought
But she was not the one I sought-
The right one

After being through several pains,
Heartbreaks, disappointments and the likes,
One may say, why don't you just give up?
Why don't you stay single?
But you see, my inner man is searching for the right one
Hence Sleep is evictable....

I hunger for the love of another young lady
My whole being testifies of how I feel
How sure are you that she is the right one?
Am not sure of that, But am sure I never met the wrong one
They all helped to build me treat the right one with all diligence...

They were right for some time,
But in their eyes, I may have been wrong.
That doesn't break me...
Because the beauty of a bright lady
Has arrested my soul, body and Spirit

And realising this lady is hungry
for the things am hungry for,
It causes a hunger and a thirst for her...
I cannot promise to die for anyone
I just cannot,
But one thing I know for sure is that

The right one is not the one meant for me,
But the one who decides to be with me.
It is not the one who has been in my life for long,
But the one, who brings joy with every word.
It is not the one who wants to try and see if it works
But the one who is of the same mindset,
That whatever happens, We are working this thing out...

Just say Yes, and be the Right One:- MY BRIDE, MY PRIDE😊

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