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Is Romance An Anger?

Is romance an anger?
Where we grasp our teeth
in pressure
and kiss our chicks
like a carpenter hitting a hammer?
As we dilute our sensation in fire
and causes excretion with our body?

Is romance an anger?
For our heart seems cold
but the body language
tells as if we are fighting at the coast.
Where from that stange noise?
as if we cry for help but not.
Screaming the name of God
when the thin tiny snake is dig
in between the hole?

Is romance an anger?
Where a man look steady
and very mean to the naked of a woman
how he wishes he could chew up the skin
and call for an ambulance
at the moment the powers give him the strenght of a lion
and roar around the slightly made forest
which only is as smooth as a hare's fur.

by Atachie Richard-Agbalenhrola

 Posted by: Atachie Richard-Agbalenhrola +233248301017

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