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A Minute To Rethink

A day will come when you and I will live no more

Yet we live our lives enjoying to the core

Paying no heed whatsoever to the call

Only to be brought back to our right senses from our fall...

Who do we think we are?

Life pleasures lure us into believing this earth is ours

So to the warnings we fail to adhere to in our powers

Feigning ignorance which costs us our lives to our falls

Yet we console ourselves with our own coined adage

'the downfall of a man, is not the end of his life'

Who do we think we are?

We point fingers at others and judge others in our lenses

Condemning them to the cells yet we commit murder ourselves

Are we in our right senses to pronounce judgment?

Who made us judges over others to pin them to their doom?

Who do we think we are?

You and I are mortal beings to run a length of recognition

With a will power to choose immortality or condemnation.

We are nothing but pawns of JESUS AND LUCIFER

From the dust we came with a will to decide where we be

When our life's races are ran ...

That is who we are!!!


by Asempa Abankwa Okyere

 Posted by: Asempa Abankwa Okyere

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