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Boy For You

I am a dreamer
Who dreams of
Filling your heart with countless pearls

I am that dreamer
Who sees you in mind
The very moment he closes his eyes.

I am that dreamer
That ends up being the boy for you
I am that seductive touch
Your thighs give in so I to give it to you .

I am those arms that you will wake up in
From this fantasy dream you are currently having.

I am he who will take you there.

I am that magician
That has the magic wand
To take you to all the wonders of the world
With his touch .
I have that warmth
That will leave your heart beating arrhythmically
I am that boy
Who wants to give it to you so bad, so bad.

I am that singer
That can sing all the beautiful chords
In your heart
So that you can sleep with glee.
I am that writer
That can write grey in all fifty shades on your tender lips
And decorated your face with smiles as you relive those moments in mind.
Leaving the world
In Wonder .

I am that model
That will wear all those crazy clothes

Just to look good for you.

by J.y. Frimpong

 Posted by: J.y. Frimpong

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