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The Promise Of Love

I make you this promise our love will never fade it will be the sharpest blade of the highest grade,

our love is like the ocean It will never stop going and be endlessly flowing,

our love is like a star it will never stop shining,

our love is like a sun that will never go down,

our love is like a Dimond strong hard and beautiful,

our love is like the heavens it will always be divine,

our love is like a song that will never end,

our love is like a summer that will never end,

our love is a chain that will never break,

our love is a like a mystery that will never be solved,

our love is like a party that will never end,

our love is like pride it will never bend every time we talk I fall in love again love like this will never end,

our love is pure and will never diminish,

our love has a start but not a finish,

our love only happen once in a life time,

love like this is hard for people to understand love like ours is in demand,

our love is rare and hard to find love like this has the power to change heart body soul and mind love like is only found in books or movies,

our love is like a flash of light it happen quick,

our love is a cure to our pain and sadness,

our love is like a kiss that both soft and sweet love like ours can't be passed around and should never be held down,

love like ours is a beast that can't be defeated like a song that can never be repeated like a bird with wings that can't be clipped,

our love is like a wine it gets sweeter with time,

our love is like a drug we constantly need our fix,

our love will never end,

our love is like a willow it bends but never breaks,

our love is like a metal that's impossible to break like a tower that's impossible to shake,

our love is like a flame the more we feed it the stronger it gets,

our love is food only we can eat,

our love is a set of Dimond ring we wear with pride and never hide,

our love is the sound of our children running around and screaming,

our love is us laying next to each other every night and waking up every morning,

our love is the feel of a genteel kiss placed on your soft sweet lips,

our love is the of fights that would tear other couples apart but only make us stronger and closer,

our love is me holding you in my arms every night and wrapping them around you every day,

our love is the best I will never stop loving you...that my promise to you

by Nathan Mills

 Posted by: Bright


mwai | 9/28/2015 5:36:49 AM

nice n good

Emmanuel kayce descipline | 12/1/2015 10:26:42 PM

Oooooooo 9c one ,mke it big


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