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They brought war.
They promised elecricity,
safe drinking water,
employment, jobs,
better conditions.
We voted for them.
They lied.
They fouled us.
We are mad.
They are scared.
They promised to fight corruption and bring justice.

They promised justice for victims of the war.
They went to some of the best schools.
They have the contacts.
They promised to be different from the past.
They promised to do right.
They promised to bring change.
They lied.
We are disappointed.
They are scared.
Pappa is not working.
Mamma is not cooking.
'Pot is not boiling'.
We are hungry.
They are eating.
We are frowning.
They are scared.

They selling our country,
they stealing more money,
they building big houses,
they driving big cars.
We are walking,
we are tired,
we are sleeping in huts.
Roof leaking,
rain beating us,
we getting sick.
They taking trips.
They see the writing on the wall.
They are scared.
They hired their children,
their friends from abroad.
They eating more money.
Our youth not working.
We are vexed.
They are scared.
$17.5 billions came into the country,
millions of dollars went into their pockets.
They gave themselves big salary raises
Civil servants received little.
They go abroad for health and private trips
while our hospitals,
need improvement.
Over seven years they been in power.
Over 84 months they been stealing.
Over 164 years the country still the same.
No development
No improvement
No employment
More corruption
More poverty
More suffering.
Only the few enjoying.
They are like the past.
They do not learn.
They do not listen.
They do not care.
Our eyes are now wide open.
They are scared.
They bought the newspapers,
they told the mothers,
religious leaders,
civil leaders,
Opinion leaders,
opposition parties,
former activists,
former progressives,
radio personalities,
praise singers,
gravy seekers
to write,
to talk,
to stop the demonstration,
ignoring the constitution.
The police chief
The army boss
to stop for now the struggle boiling for long.
April 12, they see their "horrified ghosts".
They are scared.

by Dagbayonoh Kiah Nyanfore

 Posted by: Dagbayonoh Kiah Nyanfore

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