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A Tear Drop

Night falls, heavy dew
Dew drops, beautiful petals
A cool breeze, morn dawns
Beautiful petals, dew drops

Just a drop
My heart melts
My blows soften
I realize, how fragile you are

Just a drop
My thoughts change
My tongue recoils
I realize how hurt you are

Just a drop
My frown erases
A reluctant smile draws
As I see your innocence

Just a drop
You in my arms
I nod to your heart beat
My stupidity plays in my head

Dew scented air
Rose petals on my tongue
Its thorns…
…Prick my heart


Duke Dziedzorm Kwame Benson is a creative writer who strongly believes in using the arts, especially literature to advance the course of mankind.

He strongly believes that creative writing, for that matter, poetry, enables and forces us to analyze situations and conditions via alternate angles.

Mr. Benson loves to emphasize this thought of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, that, “the world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.” Hence, his poetry is explicit in expressing his imagination.

He has been featured in some anthologies such as the “Sun & Snow Anthology” and “The Breaking Silence” anthology.

In concluding his poems, he signs off with "IBleed" or a variation of that.

For samples of his writings, he can be contacted via his email: [email protected] and [email protected]

by Duke Benson

 Posted by: Duke Benson

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