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Spiritual Love

You gaze into my blue eyes and it makes me long for your touch,
your embrace.
You cup your hand around my womanly face and make me feel alive inside.
You take away any sadness or bad feelings I may have and turn it into gold.
You are older and more wiser then me and bold.
You take a single flower, from its bed and place it in my golden hair.
You smile at me and tell me that you care, for me.
You make me feel like I can love none other but you.
You are my spiritual love and only you can take away the blue.
I have known you for such a long time now..
and together we make magic.
Once when I was younger, I hoped and wished for a magical love to come my way...
and I am here to say, that I finally found that magic, within you.
You have powers beyond all other men.
You possess love within your soul.
You have shown me what love is all about and you gave the gift of love to me.
I shall never long for another as you are the only one for me. are my spiritual love and shall always be my best friend til the end.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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