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Rainbows and Roses

Rainbows are so elegant and beautiful to behold.
Roses are sweet nectar, just waiting to be held in ones hand.
I love imagining that I am sliding down a colorful rainbow,
as I hold a gentle red rose in my hand.
I love rainbows- their colors are so bright and I wish to take a magical flight,
on them in my mind and I find peace inside my soul as I gaze at them and
I love the roses as they dance in my hand.
Roses and rainbows go hand in hand, as they are so lovely to look upon.
I love them both and shall always want to see a rainbow in my vivid dreams,
at night and still see myself taking a magical flight on those colorful beams,
as I look at my roses.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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