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Everlasting Love

Your love is beautiful and splendid.
You are the light of my life!
You are the spice of my life and much more then this.

I dream about you and I in another place and time.
You make all my visions and fantasies come to life,

and I am proud and honored to be your love wife.
You are the grass that grows in the fields and meadows,

and you are the song of hopes and dreams in my minds eye.

You are my everlasting love, and shall always be to me,

my one true enchanting prince.
I could never ask or beg for a better love then you.

You are the wind, beneath my feet and you carry me,

to new destinations.
I am fascinated by your touch and embrace.
I long to always have you in my life, my everlasting love,

and I will always wanton for you, my sweet.
You make everything right, and you are the light.
You make love to me, so wonderfully.
You make all visions of us, dance in my eyes, and I see...

a radiant glow about you, each time we are together.

There shall never be another, to take your place.
We are as one, as we embrace yet again.
You are my love, my one passion, my one desire,
and only you can make this fire between us more powerful, and grand.

So hold my womanly hand and together, we shall soar into that dark velvety blanket of the night...

and we shall kiss until we can kiss no longer.
We shall love each other, and always feel we are each others....forever more.

Yes we are each others everlasting love.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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