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Longing for You

I sit here, holding a flower,
and thinking life is precious..
Just like you are to me, very precious indeed.
I greed and need for your love, your tender smile,
to help me face life everyday.

I long for you so, and need only one man, tis' true.

You are that slice of heaven, I have been searching for,

for so long.

You're my Joy, my Peace, my Everything.
I could not ask for a better friend or call my own.

You make my life feel complete, and when you are not around,

I feel sad and blue.

I do not know what I would do in my life, if I did not have you.

You're that angel, that was sent from the kingdom of heaven,

for me alone and you love me in your heart, I know this to be true.

Heaven smiles at us, when we embrace and kiss.
And when you're away, you're the only man I sadly miss.

So stay with me forever and forever shall I be all yours.

I love one man and adore one man alone, and tis' you,

my special love.
I could never long for another, the way I long for you.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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