Ex-Beauty Queen Onuora Amaka shares stunning photos, Unveil plans empower African youths

  Fri, 25 Aug 2023
Nollywood Beauty Ex-Beauty Queen Onuora Amaka shares stunning photos, Unveil plans empower African youths

Queen Onuora Ndidi Amaka is making waves on multiple fronts as she continues to excel in her roles as a Nigerian Model, Beauty Queen, Influencer, Host, and Entrepreneur. Hailing from the eastern part of Nigeria, Queen Onuora is a beacon of inspiration for aspiring young adults across the nation. Her journey over the past 6 years serves as a remarkable example of determination, creativity, and success.

Starting her career as a commercial model, Queen Onuora has consistently demonstrated her creative prowess and versatility. Her crowning achievement came in 2018 when she won the highly esteemed Face of Nigeria contest, capturing the hearts of many with her undeniable charm and grace. Since then, she has become a trailblazer on the runway, advocating for Africa's rich heritage and traditions.

"I believe that every step we take in celebrating and preserving Africa's heritage is a step towards a brighter future for our continent,"* says Queen Onuora. *"Through my journey, I aim to inspire young minds to embrace their roots and showcase the beauty of our traditions to the world."

A passionate advocate for Africa's roots, Queen Onuora has embarked on journeys to Zanzibar, Kenya, and Ghana, immersing herself in the cultures and traditions that define the continent. In 2022, she proudly represented Nigeria at Miss Heritage International, held in Malaysia, further solidifying her role as a global ambassador for African heritage. Her dedication and impact led her to be appointed as the National Director for Africa under the Miss Heritage Organization, a testament to her influence and leadership.

Beyond her modeling achievements, Queen Onuora also shines as an Entrepreneur and Stylist. She is the proud owner of the online store RUBYHIVE, showcasing her keen sense of style and business acumen. Her commitment to fostering the growth of up-and-coming models and queens is evident as she serves as a role model and mentor to many aspiring talents.

"As an advocate and entrepreneur, my vision is to create platforms where aspiring models and entrepreneurs can flourish," Queen Onuora states. "I want to empower the next generation by providing mentorship, guidance, and opportunities that allow them to express their creativity and drive in meaningful ways."

Queen Onuora's commitment to education and community development is showcased through her upcoming projects. She is set to launch a mentorship program in Lagos, bringing experts from the entertainment and content creation industry to inspire and guide young minds. Additionally, her Primary School Educational Reform Project in Enugu will lay the foundation for improved educational experiences for future generations. According to her, the project includes the establishment of a library, technical room, and provision of essential writing and fine arts materials.

The culmination of Queen Onuora Ndidi Amaka's journey is an embodiment of perseverance, dedication, and a commitment to uplifting her community. Her impact as a role model, advocate, and entrepreneur continues to inspire and empower individuals across Nigeria and beyond.





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