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9 July 2018 | Nollywood Media

Actor, Richard Mofe Damijo Steps out with Grandchild

Actor, Richard Mofe Damijo Steps out with Grandchild

There is nothing that gives a man joy than seeing his lineage grow from strength to strength and in good health and that is the life veteran actor, Richard Mofe Damijo is living now.

The actor has been blessed beyond measures and that is because God’s grace really found him out that after several years of being away from the industry, he is able to return and still make a mark.

Better known as RMD, aside been blessed with a blossoming career, he is also blessed with a happy family and grandchildren that he has not stopped thanking God for.

RMD was recently on grandfather’s duties as he stepped out with his granddaughter and trust me, the actor does not look that old because he is still rocking sneakers and tempting hearts with his cuteness.

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