21.04.2020 Feature Article

We Need The Third Eye In The Fight Against The COVID-19 Pandemic As Ghanaians

We Need The Third Eye In The Fight Against The COVID-19 Pandemic As Ghanaians
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This Covid-19 pandemic has affected us all in one way or the other since its inception. As a result, we are all trying every possible means in tackling this enemy called Coronavirus.

One peculiar thing about this Covid-19 pandemic which started in Wuhan in China is that is a Global issue and it does not know the difference between people –either you are tall or short, fair or dark in complexion, we are all prone to it.

But there is this saying that if you want to change the World, you have to change yourself first as an individual. To this effect, we as Ghanaians are also fighting this Covid-19 pandemic with all seriousness.

When Ghana recorded its first case of this Covid-19 pandemic, both government and individuals have taken the necessary steps in order to contain the coronavirus.

To me, this Covid-19 pandemic has brought us together as Ghanaians to some extent.

There has been a lot of agitations in the system when the first gentleman of the land H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo delivered his 7th address to the nation on Sunday 19th April, 2020.

In the fight against this our deadly enemy called coronavirus, the government of Ghana through H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo announced a partial lockdown for some selected cities (Accra and Kumasi) in the country for two weeks and along the line, it became crucial to extend the lockdown for another one week making it three weeks.

After the three weeks lockdown, H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo called off the partial lockdown on Sunday 19th April, 2020 in his address to the nation. One beautiful thing about the called off is that there is still restrictions on social gathering and I love this.

What a world! Now we are having two school of thoughts concerning the lockdown.

One school of thought is saying that the partial lockdown should continue because our cases of the coronavirus is increasing geometrically and they are also of the view that the whole country should be lockdown.

The other school of thought is also saying that lifting the partial lockdown is in place. Because hunger is now friends to the lockdown victims especially those who are not having the financial muscle.

Let me congratulate the two school of thought at this juncture!

My only problem is that some people are reading political meanings to the lifting of the partial lockdown.

People are saying the partial lockdown is been called off to favor the Electoral Commission and the National Identification Authority in registering Ghanaians. I do not know how true this is?

The following questions are on the lips of some Ghanaians:

The lifting of the partial lockdown good or bad?

The lifting of the partial lockdown right or wrong?

Within the last three weeks of lockdown who died of hunger or coronavirus?

As a citizen of this noble country, my question is who determines what is good or bad, right or wrong in the fight against Covid-19?

Based on my question above, I am of the view that we need the third eye in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic rather than the political eye.

Remember your health is your sole responsibility now.

Always Ghana first.

Stay at home and be safe.

This too shall pass

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