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15.05.2006 Regional News

Security personnel save Anlo from blood bath

By myjoyonline

But for the divine intervention and the alertness of some 120 security men, the Anlo state would have been plunged into chaos with grave consequences by a group of thugs and land guards hired from Nima and Kasoa to disrupt an intercessory prayer session in the Anlo state.

For three odd years, there has been a chieftaincy dispute between three factions who are mandated to elect an Awoamefia for the Anlo state, but confusion rocked the boat anytime the king makers sat to hand pick Awoamefia.

Presently, Togbe Sri Nyonyo Agboada III has been acting as the regent of the area and opinion leaders believe that if he was chosen to assume the seat of the Anlo state, the state would cease to exist, as according to them “he is a shrewd fraudster, a conman and an illiterate”.

It was in line with this that the Concerned Citizens of the Anlo state organised a prayer session to forge peace amongst all the feuding factions and ensure that there is smooth transition.

Matters got to headway on Saturday at the fore court of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church at Anloga, when two Accra based O& A Travel and Tour buses conveying the thugs pulled up at the entrance of the church with a sole aim to disrupt the programme.

As an intelligent way of avoiding the Police and CEPS checkpoints, an inscription, 'Mayor of Washington D.C. visiting Accra', was embossed on the front windscreen of the two buses, an assumption that the Mayor was visiting the Volta region.
Unknown to these thugs, believed to have been hired by Togbe Sri Agbodada III, heavy security presence with personnel armed to the teeth (canisters of tear gas, Kalashnikovs and Shots guns) had already been arranged to give protection.

Two stubborn thugs, who damned the consequences, were intelligently picked up by the Police when they stealthily neared the dais to attack officials and bring the service to an abrupt end.

The District Police requested for reinforcement to augment the number. In no time, well armed Panthers Unit Police men had arrived from Akatsi, Abor, Keta, Sogakope, Anloga and the surrounding districts to maintain peace.
Indeed, for even an hour, the buses with registration numbers AS 9342 V and AS 6984 U were packed and the thugs had decided not to come out of the buses to execute their operation due to the heavy security presence.
The security presence not with standing, some members of the congregation lived in fear for most of the prayer session, as the obviously well armed thugs occasionally scrolled the window curtains to take a peep at the scene.

The Founder and President of the Volta Foundation, Raymond K. Okudzeto, who played a pivotal role in the holding of the service, stated that they had foreseen an altercation at the programme, “that was why we brought the police”.

We wrote to the Traditional Council t allow us to use the Hodge Park, they declined and told us that a function would take place there, then we chose this place, here too, yesterday( Friday ) he ( Togbe Sri III) sent a group of young men to go round town and tell people not to participate in the programme.
Source: The Heritage