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25.03.2020 Feature Article

In the midst of Novel Coronavirus Fear, there is Hope and Unityamong People

In the midst of Novel Coronavirus Fear, there is Hope and Unityamong People
LISTEN MAR 25, 2020

How true it is to count every misfortune a blessing! The bible states it clearly that in every misfortune give blessing unto God.

The ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, although as lethal, scary and devastating as it is to human beings, we still have to count it as a blessing in a way.

It has come to unite the world against a common enemy. The enemy is Covid-19 itself. It has come to stop all enmity towards one another. Terrorism by some religious fanatics has subsided, probably because they are all redirecting their efforts to fighting the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic.

I have personally decided to hold fire on the ongoing Kumawu chieftaincy dispute until the poisonous sharp fangs of Covid-19 have been removed, making the disease containable or less dangerous. Priority in whatever we do at the moment must be given to fighting the new disease with all our might, intelligence and wisdom.

There has been palpable demonstration of innovation and ingenuity on the part of some Ghanaian villagers or poor and needy persons in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Some Ghanaian pharmaceutical companies have been tasked to come up with solutions to contain and cure Covid-19. They are assiduously working towards that objective.

This disease has come to curb our near-total reliance on foreigners for all our basic essentials. It has come to instil and strengthen the sense of patronising “Made in Ghana” goods in Ghanaians. Again, it has drawn us closer to our Creator God Almighty in prayers.

We have almost for the first time learnt to be really one another's keeper to avoid catching the disease ourselves.

I hope we find a cure or a mitigating solution to the deadly virus come to scare humanity shitless.

How l hope Ghanaians will continue to unite as we are today even after this novel coronavirus has become history. People the world over who are with any information presumed to be capable of stopping the spread of the disease or boost the immune system of humans to resist or fight any Covid-19 attack on them are eagerly sharing the information on the social media, especially on WhatsApp. For once, human beings have become caring, eschewing their animosities against one race, tribe etc., or another. It has come to be the survival of the human race against a powerful foreign disease (Covid-19) waging a third world war against the entire world human population.

Those who are using dubious means to cheat their fellow Ghanaians because of the disease must now bow down their heads in shame. How come that a bottle of sanitiser known to sell for GHS3 is now selling for GHS20 to GHS50?

However, the situation is, let us all put our hands on deck to overcome the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic.

Let us all abide by the precautionary measures put in place by our governments to preventing or containing the spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

While I dedicate this publication to every living person on earth, let me emphasise the name of my friend Kingsley, a son of Dormaa-Ahenkro, but residing in London (United Kingdom). He is such an intelligent and selfless individual who is always at the service of his country and people or to be more precise, at the service of humanity.

Rockson Adofo
Wednesday, 25 March 2020