23.03.2020 Feature Article

This is the Right time to Deal a Deadly Blow to Official Corruption- Mr President

This is the Right time to Deal a Deadly Blow to Official Corruption- Mr President
LISTEN MAR 23, 2020

"Necessity is the mother of invention". Ghana, like many other countries in the world, is in a critical situation come about as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. We are in a circumstance where we urgently need a solution to extricate ourselves from the fatal ravages of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

This unordinary time demands that Ghana finds a solution very quickly or else, we become victims to the merciless coronavirus disease. The more we delay finding a cure, although started with preventive containment measures, the more we expose our country to eventual possession, domination and subjugation by certain clever and powerful foreign powers.

How can we invent anything needed for our survival in these uncertain times faced by the world if we have no money and the needed expertise? How can we have money for the nation if a few corrupt politicians, public service heads and traditional heads are always allowed to steal or embezzle funds and State assets with impunity?

If the nation had money and learned people who care about the nation and the collective interests of the people, we would have seriously started inventing vaccines and other things needed to contain and cure the Covid-19 disease.

Since we are without our own money and other resources, we shall be open to the dictates, and left at the mercy, of, our superior white contemporaries. However, do unproven conspiracy theories not have it that the Covid-19 is meant to wipe off some people, control some economies and to subjugate certain people?

Are some vaccines offered to African countries not alleged to come to rather harm us in one way or the other since they are often in trial stage? If nothing at all, they come to inhibit us as a country and a people from using our brains to do things for ourselves. We are always over-dependant on foreign aid.

If we were able to do our own basic things, could someone come to donate to us fake medicines and items dangerous to our health and safety if not to our very ultimate survival?

From the criticality of the world situation at the moment come about because of Covid-19 outbreak, the president of Ghana must please put his foot down very firmly to dealing with the extermination of official corruption from Ghana.

His success in stopping corruption that has now gained firm roots and continues to ramify at an alarming rate will free money for Ghana to conduct scientific researches to invent things and to industrialise to curtail our over-dependency on white people for all our basic needs.

The President or the Special Prosecutor may have committed a faux pas by letting the double salary Members of Parliament go Scot free in their fight against official corruption. Nevertheless, they should not let "Ghana elected official 1 with power to make final decisions" go scot free in their investigations into the Airbus scandal.

The fight against official corruption must be taken more seriously than the current lackadaisical level we seem to be going about it.

Covid-19 has come as a warning to the world but more especially, to Ghana. We need to be self-reliant. We need to stop begging for, and accepting, free gifts, from our white contemporaries all of the time only to become confused later on. Are the drugs or food products so offered to us safe for human consumption all of the time? If yes, why then the doubtful conspiracy theories sometimes attached to such offers?

The urgency of Ghana being beyond aid cannot be overemphasised. It is now or never!

Rockson Adofo
Sunday, 22 March 2020

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