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22.03.2020 Feature Article

An Update For Australia's Mirreco

An Update For Australia's Mirreco
LISTEN MAR 22, 2020

Dear Mirreco,
Ghana's Parliament just passed the Narcotics Control Commission Bill, 2019, into an Act to legalise the growing of industrial hemp in Ghana:

(So, in effect, the government of Ghana has now provided the legal framework, for companies such as Mirreco, to partner it in public private partnerships (PPP), in infrastructure projects across the country.)

The new legislation thus secures for companies such as Mirreco, their sources of raw materials, in Ghana. And as it happens, there are longterm funds in the pension and insurance industries that could be tapped too, for projects across the country.

Furthermore, as COVID-19 has shown, planned well-designed and well-built green cities and towns, are needed, to enable urban slum dwellers - whose living conditions will always make them hotspots of dangerous viruses - to move into areas that will have the infrastructure that will make them better suited to benefit from public health measures taken to contain viruses that have the potential to wreck national economies. That is also an opportunity for Mirreco in Ghana.

And, if Raphael Afordoanyi's serendipitous game-changing clean power invention, is finally brought to market, the affordable electricity it produces will turbocharge the economies of nations worldwide, creating sustainable growth that is low-carbon in nature, ensuring lower costs for companies like Mirreco, too.

So do get Windlab to contact Eugene Kofi Boakye-Yiadom for an introduction to his partner Raphael, who is currently overseas. Wish you well - and do stay safe and drink lots of warm lemon (from sliced lemonds in mugs!) to protect and boost your immune systems to deal with COVID-19. Cool.

Warmest regards,
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