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05.02.2020 Feature Article

Must The NDC Sign The National Peace Council Document On Privately-Owned Militia Acting As Enforcers For Political Parties?

Must The NDC Sign The National Peace Council Document On Privately-Owned Militia Acting As Enforcers For Political Parties?
LISTEN FEB 5, 2020

The National Peace Council of Ghana is peopled with some very good and well-respected Ghanaians. In what is an election year, their desire to work towards ending the use of privately-owned militias, by political parties, as enforcers, is in the right direction. They deserve to be commended for that. Bravo to them.

Be that as it may, the National Peace Council would be doing a huge disservice to the long-suffering masses of the Ghanaian people, if it does not demand the removal, from our national security apparatus, of all the members of the privately-owned militia groups (such as the Delta Force and Invincible Force - both owned by New Patriotic Party (NPP) bigwigs), who were infiltrated into our national security apparatus, after the NPP came to power.

They, it is, who disgraced our nation with their barbarism last year and drew global opprobium for the Akufo-Addo administration, by their vile misconduct in the vicinity of the Ayawaso West Wougon Presbyterian Church School polling station, during the by-election to select the successor to the late Hon. Kyremateng Agyarko, who hitherto had been the MP for that constituency, before he met his untimely death in America. That egregious-outrage is still an outstanding case of high treason that the National Peace Council ought to see to, too. Now. Not tomorrow. Full stop.

It is vital that the leadership of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), understand clearly that they would be betraying Mother Ghana, if they signed any Peace Council document, about militia groups used as enforcers by political parties in Ghana - without demanding the removal from the security agencies, of all the myrmidon-thugs from the Delta Force, and Invincible Force, still in the employ of our national security apparatus.

Ghana will never know peace if those vile barbarians continue to remain a permanent feature of our national security architecture.Yoooo...

For the sake of the longterm stability of our country, they must all be rooted out of Ghana's security agencies immediately - and those who infiltrated them into our secret services tried for treason, swiftly. Until that happens, the NDC's leadership must not sign any National Peace Council document on the abolishing of militia's owned by politicians, which are depioyed as enforcers, by their political parties. Case closed. Enough is enough. Haaba. Hmmmm, Oman Ghana eyeasem ooooo - asem kesie ebeba debi ankasa!

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